Sassy Fierce TV Long Form Video Editing Contract

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Welcome to your new custom contract checkout experience! Below you will find details about our contract as discussed. 

This Service Is Explicitly For:

  • Sassy Fierce TV
  • Faire L'amour Co.
  • Tipsy, Topics, & Textures

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 6 uses of this checkout experience (i.e. 6 finalized videos)
  • HD quality final videos up to 20-minutes each
  • unlimited text on screen to accentuate main ideas, questions, or comments
  • font styled to the mood of each video per customer guidance
  • unlimited images overlayed in video
  • unlimited hyper-speed edits
  • unlimited slow-motion edits
  • customer-provided music added to the background of videos
  • background music audio weaved around on-camera voices
  • unlimited revisions within 7 days of receiving first draft
  • a private Google drive folder to house all your final videos
  • full commercial use rights to final video
  • direct access to Kahdija for questions, comments, and concerns

Here’s What To Expect:

  • first draft video is due to customer within 7 days of receiving broll and photo imagery
  • themed music is available upon request for special videos or segments within a video
  • after 6 uses of this custom contract checkout experience, customer may request and negotiate a renewal
  • pay for services rendered by returning to this custom contract listing and using the quantity selector to add the number of hours* Kahdija worked on the video

Please note, the finalized video will be delivered** within 14 days from your purchase date. 

Here's Why To Work With Me:

Hi, my name is Kahdija Imari and I have 8 years of graphic design and videography experience with corporate businesses. 

Now, I would love to have the opportunity to help you create the video you've envisioned for your brand, business, or event. My video editing style is well-paced in story flow and showcases visuals to the beat of background music. My ultimate goal when I create videos is to convey the emotion you want your viewers to feel. 

I look forward to editing your new video.

 . . .

*All hours worked per video project will be annotated by Kahdija. If the final work hour is ≤0.5 minutes, the total hours worked will be rounded down to the nearest whole number. If the final work hour is ≥0.75 minutes, the total hours worked will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. (i.e. If Kahdija worked 4.5 hours, customer will be billed for 4 hours of work. If Kahdija worked 4.75 hours, customer will be billed for 5 hours of work).

**I will create a private folder for you on Google Drive. All final video products will be located in this folder. The link to this folder will be shared with the email address used during checkout or an email address of your choosing.