Legacy 14  |  Self Care Isn't Selfish

Legacy 14 | Self Care Isn't Selfish

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Welcome back to episode number 5 of my podcast. 

My name is Kahdija Imari and I'm really glad that you're here and you're listing to episode number 5. 

Okay, so. Today, we're going to talk a little bit about the tagline for Anser. If you don't know what Anser is, it is a supplement brand owned by Tia Mowry. She made it last year during the pandemic. So, in 2020 Tia Mowry came out with this brand shop Anser. And her whole premise, or tagline, was based on the fact that she figured out that she was the answer to her problems essentially. She has the power to get up and change her situation.

I believe her story was that she started feeling bad health wise. There was so muc going on. And she kind of woke up one day and was that... I don't like that I have this health concern and that health concern. But you know what, I am the answer to all these health problems.  

Grab the greens, grab the nutrients

I can go and I can do this. I can start taking my supplements and make a healthier me if I just put in a little bit more work every single day. I am the answer. I am the Anser.

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