Why Quotes (or Words) Matter

Why Quotes (or Words) Matter

If you’ve been to my Instagram page and looked around, you likely stumbled upon my quote collection.  


On the previous version of my blog website, I created a tab called "The Quote Collection." This just goes to show you how important quotes are to me.


I’m not sure when exactly I started to collect quotes... I only know that I’ve been journaling since I was a teen and at some point, I made it my mission to annotate anything someone said to me, or that I overheard, and thought was dope.  


Lol. I know I just used casual terms there but dope is actually a really good way to describe it.


Other words and phrases that come to mind are:

  • Thought-provoking
  • Grounding
  • Deep
  • Striking
  • Speechless 
  • Relatable
  • Understanding
  • Clarifying
  • So simple, yet so complex


For whatever reason, when I heard the quote, it spoke to me. 


Maybe I completely understood it when it was stated…


Maybe I needed to write it down before I forgot it but I didn’t have time at the moment to really process it to the depths that it yearned for me to go…  


Either way, I wrote them down.  


So, why do I annotate all these quotes?  


I think there is so much negativity in the world.  


So much that people say and do to one another that is harmful…


I think many things have been said to me that resonated and manifested as self-hatred, self-doubt, self-deprecation, low self-esteem, and the list goes on.


I think that in my attempt to hold on to something good…


A kind word… 


A profound word…


A word that speaks life, knowledge, and understanding…


I began to annotate the positive words.


The quote collection found on this website is nowhere near as large as my actual quote collection. I thought I would share a select few with you that I think could be helpful, encouraging, and motivating to the general public.


Do you have a quote collection of your own?  


If not, maybe it could be a good practice for you. 


I challenge you to write down the next nice thing someone says to you on a sticky note and place that note on your bathroom mirror. 


Do you see yourself this way?


Do you believe what they believe about you?


Will you find it in yourself to develop that sense of self-worth?


Re-frame the negative words that were carelessly thrown your way, into positive affirmations.


Surround yourself with words that speak life into you…


That are uplifting, inspirational, and nurturing. 


You may begin to have better days.. more days where you smile instead of frown from negative introspective thoughts.

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