Why My Mother is My Inspiration Behind 27th & Rose

Why My Mother is My Inspiration Behind 27th & Rose

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you have heard me mention a company called 27th & Rose.
Since the inception of me embarking on a journey to create a personal brand for myself, I created a website and wrote several things about my life, including the inspiration behind my new business ventures, one of which is named 27th & Rose.
For the past 2 months, I have been revamping design elements and streamlining verbiage within my personal brand. During this quest, I was asked a question: Why is my mother the inspiration behind 27th & Rose?
I found myself searching for all the right words to say until I recalled the moment I brought myself to tears after tenderly writing about heart-filled memories with my mother. Today, I want to share those eloquent words from my first about me page.
This is what I wrote under a section called 27th & Rose:


27th & Rose

A small but growing lifestyle brand with a name and cause that speaks to my heart.
In January of 2001, I was 10 years old and my mother, a paraplegic since the age of 16, closed her eyes to sleep into eternity. Her name was Rosemary and she was born on the 27th day of March.
I started 27th & Rose as a way to let the fruits of my creativity flow into the world... something my mother always welcomed me to do as a young girl. She encouraged my choir and solo singing, piano and clarinet playing, soccer-playing, board game playing, chicken boiling, grocery bagging, snack eating, snack selling, water drinking, chore keeping, straight A-making, pigtail wearing, vaseline shining, karate-kicking, ballet dancing, and Andy Griffith Show watching! She pushed me to find things I enjoy doing. To never be stagnant and always grow. To say hi to those around me and sincerely care about them. To be my best and chase after my heart's desires.​
My hope is that you too find a source of encouragement. Maybe it starts at 27th & Rose, or somewhere in my blog. Or maybe it's the next stranger you meet and befriend. Find someone or something that speaks peace over your circumstances and courage into your heart. That awakens your eyes to the truth of your beauty and empowers you to become a better version of yourself.

Reading what I wrote about my mother in late 2020 brings back fond memories and makes me smile in recognition of all I learned from her.

If I absolutely had to summarize why she was, is, and will continue to be such an inspiration for 27th & Rose, it's because she believed in me and encouraged my creativity.

What's amazing is that I remember feeling this as a 10-year-old little girl. I may not have been able to articulate it then, but I definitely felt it was safe for me to explore the plethora of things I enjoyed dabbling in as a very creative, hands-on, analytical person.
If she were still here, I honestly believe she would have been a major piece of the encouraging support system that currently surrounds me and I likely would have been courageous and confident enough to embark upon this entrepreneurial journey much sooner.
My personal goal is to continue to tap into the safe creative space I remember my mother creating for me. And then be bold enough to believe my product is not only valuable to me, but valuable enough to sell to locals and the world at large.
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