Why I Picked Up Handlettering and Calligraphy

Why I Picked Up Handlettering and Calligraphy

Handwriting can be so beautiful sometimes... and other times it can look like a total trainwreck.

There's a cultural joke about having a doctor's handwriting... if you understand this reference, you understand the trainwreck I'm referring to.

If you've never seen a doctor's handwriting that is completely illegible... well, first of all, I applaud your experience.. secondly, it's honestly nothing to see! 😅 Just keep missing out on that one and you'll be just fine.

On a more serious note, I noticed at a young age that my handwriting was different from that of others in my school. (I think I'm reflecting on middle and high school, not completely sure.)

I began to categorize different styles of handwriting as prettier, more appealing and assigned to a specific gender. 

For example, I remember thinking curvy, swirly, fat typeface lettering was more feminine and therefore more desirable for me to attain since I was a young girl. This idea was solidified by the cheerleading squad which made the most elaborate posters for each game they worked. And they also had the cutest boyfriends. 

Clearly, I thought my handwriting would help me land a hot guy... He would totally see me as more feminine and irresistibly attractive and snatching me up is the obvious solution 🤷🏾‍♀️

That's a pre-teen/teenage brain for ya.

Sidenote: It's amazing what kids go through and how they pick up on things so tiny and assign them to complex issues such as gender roles; something they really know very little about, but are in many cases forced into submitting to due to society or their circle of influence.

So there I was, starting to work on changing my handwriting. I can't tell you how many times I practiced writing my name and in how many different styles. 

I can tell you that I wanted the outcome to be cute, fat, swirly, and curvy.

The reality of my handwriting was all but that.

Eventually, I realized I wasn't willing to write at glacial speeds so my class notes were cute. I wanted to learn and to get down all the notes I could so I would make A's on my assignments!

But the idea of having pretty handwriting never left my mind. Anytime I saw a style I'd never seen before, I would try to analyze the curvature of each letter and the graceful ease portrayed in each stroke. 

Recently, I was reminded of my juvenile aspirations. I fumbled around on YouTube and ended up seeing a suggested video which was a compilation of the most beautiful handwriting in the world.

Once again I gawked in amazement at the skill level these people have attained.

Much of it was calligraphy and some of it was with a regular pen and paper. But that led me to watch videos of people writing calligraphy in action and doing something else called hand lettering. (I'll talk more about the difference between hand lettering and calligraphy in a different post.)

At this point, my will to try and improve upon my current handwriting was reborn. I just know it can be more beautiful if I try. If I practice consistently. If I really stick to it, I can totally do it. After all that, very well may have been what those other people did!

So, in an effort to remain accountable, I decided to record myself each time I grab my pen and paper and post the videos to my YouTube channel. I figured if I start a daily challenge, I'll feel committed... less likely to put it off until tomorrow... and then tomorrow ends up being years later.

But Really.... you get to be my accountability partner in helping me develop my handwriting, hand lettering, and calligraphy abilities 😊 

If you want to see my first 4 videos they are below! ✍🏾 Yay me! 4 down, infinity to go!






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