When I Finally Stopped Waiting for Life to Begin

When I Finally Stopped Waiting for Life to Begin

When I finally stopped waiting for my life to begin, I started living.

This statement may not make much sense right now, but just follow me for a moment.

I wanted everything to be perfect.

I wanted the job, the money, the car, the man, the ring, the passion for my job that doesn't seem like a job at all because I love it so.

I wanted it all, but I was waiting for it to happen to me as if I would one day wake up to a whole new life. 

Well, one day I did wake up to a whole new life. And when I rose, I decided I would go after my dreams that I'd put on hold because I felt my life had to flow in perfect order.

A great description of this comes from Jay Shetty, a purpose coach, former monk, and creator of one of my favorite podcasts, OnPurpose.

His quote reads as follows:

• • •

"Too many of us put deadlines on love, timelines on success, and then wonder why we don't feel happy. Emotions are not based on your age, it's never too late or early, you're exactly where you need to be."
- Jay Shetty

• • •

If you're holding yourself to a time crunch, please know it is just that...

YOU are holding YOURSELF hostage!

Release that tension and be free to live each day as it comes.

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