The Test I Failed Several Times Over

The Test I Failed Several Times Over

Yesterday, I watched a live-streamed sermon hosted by Transformation Church.

The message was titled "What Test?" and it related to tithes and offering. 

I am writing this blog post from a point of being more honest with myself... And at this moment, I would like to share with you how my understanding of tithing has now evolved.

Yes, tithing refers to 10% of one's income being sewn back into the church.

But, what Pastor Robert Morris was trying to tell us in the sermon is that each time we receive our check, we are taking a test. And the test will reveal who we serve or hold in highest regard in our life. The proof of who we serve or hold in highest regard is in who we pay first.

So the test, in simple terms, is who will you pay first?

I have heard this sort of message about tithing more than a few times in my life since I was raised as a Christian.

However, this is the first time I learned about it with another key piece of information...

By being obedient and giving tithe first, I give God the opportunity to fullfill his promises for my life.

Pastor Mike, the senior pastor of Transformation Church, has been teaching that your treasure is in your heart. So if money is what you think about and are chasing, then having more money or being greedy is in your heart. However, if living a life of purpose, being kind, being faithful, etc, is what you seek daily, then fulfilling your purpose is the position of your heart.

So, I have had two revelations from the current series of messages...

  1. I have to do my part for God to do his part (i.e. when I tithe faithfully, He has promised to bestow upon me a blessed life)
  2.  I don't actually trust God to be God-like.. to show up as a father should.. to love me as a father should.. to care for me and provide for me as a father should.. to give me the best opportunities as a father should.. to walk with me while guiding and teaching me as a father should.. (I keep thinking I don't have enough money to tithe, not realizing I'm withholding more from myself by trying to do it on my own... and I do things on my own because I feel I can't trust others because when I have in the past they have hurt me..) 

By holding on to my money, i'm saying I'm a bit greedy and I want what I want. By paying for groceries, internet, or my car not first, I'm saying I value those things more than I do my relationship with God... because where your treasure lies there also is your heart.

...And by not putting God first in my heart, I hinder His ability* to bless my life.

This is making so much sense to me right now.... I'm not even sure if I connected the dots well as I have written this blog post. 

If you are lost, go back and watch all the messages in the Paper Chaser series on YouTube.

*Note: When I say ability, I don't mean to imply that God is unable to bless me. It is more so a closer examination into an if-then promise. If I do this, God does this. So, God gives me the key to open the door to my own blessed life. I must first use the key to open the locked door... or else I'm not getting in!

I wrote all of this to say, I need to do better. I plan to do better. And I will do better.

I will commit to pay my tithe.

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