Thank You & Here's How I Do It

Thank You & Here's How I Do It

Thank you for telling me that you do see what I’m doing and that you see value in it 😊 it makes me feel heard and seen 🥰

TransparentTuesday:: being heard and seen is honestly at the core of what I want for everyone... myself included. 

So, in 2020 I began a journey to see and hear myself more... It’s super difficult since I typically seek to help others before I help myself... the dangerous fine line of being a people pleaser...

But I really wanted to continue the motivation, inspiration, and ultimately the analytical and authentic conversations I share with others when talking in person 👥

If you’ve met me in person, I may have shared positive vibes with you... or had a deep conversation based on something that seemed super simple and nowhere near deep. 😅

But here’s how I live my life: I do what I can to surround myself with positivity because this world is overflowing with negativity.

I’ve been the person who didn’t believe she could do, didn’t believe she was worthy to have, didn’t believe she would ever truly be accepted as is... and I still struggle with these feelings...

But I have found a loophole in my personality that helps bring me back to positive self-thoughts... 

When I see other people, I do what’s on my heart to uplift them... if it’s a hug, I hug them (pre-covid of course)... if it’s encouraging words to get them to see their negative speak has them spiraling but they can actively choose 1 positive statement to help keep them grounded, I talk with them and we come to positive realizations/conclusions...

My daily posts are largely the person I want to be, the person I believe I can and will become if I just keep taking one step towards her each day... So while I am speaking to my younger self who felt stuck... I am definitely speaking directly to you and your circumstances.


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