Squrrl Studios is Open for Business

Squrrl Studios is Open for Business

oh my goodness!

I seriously can’t believe I opened a business...


Okay, okay!

I am breathing... (inhales) and I am calm... (exhales)  The name of my new business is Squrrl Studios and this is how I would describe it to you and throw in a little sales pitch:

Squrrl Studios is a post production company with my unique flare.

I have been a videographer for 6 years and counting and as time goes by I get better at my technical craft. Only recently did it occur to me that there are people in the world who need videos and podcasts for school, work, or recreation, and they may not know where to begin. I launched Squrrl Studios after creating a few videos for everyday people like you. ​ Need a podcast or video edited, a motion graphics template, a vlog editor, or a dedicated video or podcast editor to help scale your brand? Tell me what you need assistance with and I'll tell you how I can help you reach your goal. ​ Rates will be available soon when the Squrrl Studios website officially launches! Subscribe to my newsletter to see the website before it goes public.

Annnnd CUT!! 😅

I am so excited!!!

Thank you so much for reading this post and helping me celebrate this new accomplishment 😊 💕

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