Pressing Pause on My Podcast

Pressing Pause on My Podcast

Yes, I did start a podcast. 

In case you were not aware of this, I apologize for not telling you.

It was really the start of a new journey for my own personal growth. 

Let me back up to explain more clearly...

the coco love podcast was first recorded on November 21, 2020.

Armed with my cell phone and an app called Anchor, I fearfully urged myself to press the record button. (Yes, you read that correctly... I was full of fear and doubt, but I pushed forward anyway).

Seven minutes later I pressed the submit button and I had done it...

I had recorded my first podcast...

So sweet, yet so scary. 

Why the name coco love and what were the topics?

coco love stands for courage, confidence, and self-love.

In short, I wanted an outlet to work through who I was becoming...

Who I am becoming...

A more self-aware individual instead of a serial follower and survivor of life's roller coaster.

I created the coco love podcast because I wanted (and still want) to become a more courageous woman... a more confident woman... and a woman who knows how to show herself love along the way.

The root of the matter is quite simple, but it is not easily achieved...

I want more out of life...

I want an abundant life...

I want to be the woman I see when I daydream...

I refuse to believe the current life I'm living is simply all there is and will ever be to my life because I can feel somewhere deep inside me that I have more to offer and more still to receive.

I have concluded that I must go and get that life I daydream about.

After all, nothing is owed to me from this world and nothing will drop into my lap without me first putting forth much effort to receive it.

It was on November 21, 2020 I that I first put my personal vow to the test by beginning to ask hard questions and allow myself the safe space to answer them...

Questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I need right now?
  • What will I need in the future?
  • Do I like what I am doing right now?
  • Do I enjoy this activity, this job, this friend group...?
  • Why did I say yes when I knew I should say no?
  • Why do I rarely say no...?
  • Why do I feel the need to explain myself to others?
  • Why do I feel I am less worthy than the next person?
  • Why do I do what I do?
  • Why do I feel how I feel?
  • Why don't I know that I'm living someone else's life...?

    Much like the 6 episodes I held myself accountable for recording for the coco love podcast, this blog will embark upon the discovery of so many questions, answers, and examinations of various things that spark deep thoughts within me.

    Expect me to be honest, open, and transparent...

    Expect me to continue on my journey of finding and using my courageous, confident voice...

    I believe that if I get serious about digging deep to find my own intrinsic value, I will grow, heal, and transform into the woman I am meant to be... the woman of my dreams...

    You are here to keep me accountable and possibly even embark upon your own self-growth and self-love journey!? Yes, I'm talking to you!

    My biggest hope is that my story and my journey will help you work through your own thoughts and feelings or give you a necessary conversation starter for a topic that seems to be consuming your emotions and draining your energy.  

    Don't let it drain you... Talk it out... Ignoring it now just means it comes back later...

    Let's do life the coco love way... the courageous, confident, and self-loving way. 😊

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