My Second Brand Feature Is Coming Soon

My Second Brand Feature Is Coming Soon

I am filled with so much shock, excitement, and joy all at the same time because I was recently contacted by a company who's easy to use Huestick products I have come to love. Live Tinted reached out to me via Instagram to express their interest in posting a photo of me on their IG grid!

Here's what they said to me:

[freaks out momentarily and makes an excited scream face with a silent cheer of amazement]

Once i gathered myself, this is what I said in return:

[breaths deeply with blushed cheeks and a joyfully relaxed smile]


I am elated for this opportunity to have come my way, and I hope the future will bring a long-lasting relationship between myself and this brand.


If you've never heard of Live Tinted before now, know that it is an Indian-owned brand that specializes in creating makeup that accentuates and blends well with melanated skin. Simply put, they make products that celebrate tinted skin.

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