Love Is Everything When It's Absent

Love Is Everything When It's Absent

Have you ever longed for love while you were in the middle of a loveless situation? Let's be honest okay, it was a situation... definitely not a healthy relationship 👀

For whoever needs to hear this right now, LEAVE!

Stop making excuses and coming up with reasons to continue to be mistreated.

I want you to get to a point where YOU LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to remove yourself from relationships and situationships that are not growing and nurturing you into becoming a better version of yourself.

You deserve love... You deserve real agape type of love...

Why stay in a place where love does not exist, when you know good and well, you would prefer to be in the midst of love... instead of searching for love. 👀

Look, I love to talk about love and relationships.. how to make them stronger and last longer... and I either find myself in these conversations or I am the creator of the conversations. So, look forward to hearing more on this topic because I am quite passionate about it. It being February is just a treat.

I want to give a shoutout to my inspiration for this post...I found myself listening to a conversation in the @joinclubhouse app on Jan 12, 2021. The room was titled "For the LOVER in you 🖤 #TheGameAndGiGi" and it was started by@losangelesconfidential and @gedonhneariza

The speaker at the time was @dareamcredit and he said something that really stuck with me.. He said, "Love shows itself by being absent." 👀's a whole message by itself and I feel it so strongly.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom Reamus and thank you The Game and Gi Gi for setting up the room and allowing the conversation to flow how it did 🙏🏾

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