I might be turning into a serial entrepreneur

I might be turning into a serial entrepreneur

I, Kahdija Imari, am definitely an entrepreneur.

And this blog post is my way of documenting this monumental experience.   

I look forward to the time when I look back at this and relive the memories of how it 

But for now, here’s the skinny...

In 2020, I established 2 companies, 27th & Rose and Squrrl Studios.

For years, I didn't think I could take the necessary steps to build a formal business.

It was as if entrepreneurship would always just be a dream or an unachievable goal.

But over time, I realized the world is full of people who were once unsure, but they leaped anyway.

There is a fearlessness I have to ask questions when no one else will...

And to speak the bold truth when others bury it...

It's from this place and much prayer that I finally started running toward my dreams.

And now, I am elated to say that I have joined the ranks of so many courageous black, female small business owners who have come before me.

The company logos are pictured (27th & Rose at the top of this page and Squrrl Studios at the below).


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