Celebrate Your Small Wins... They Matter

Celebrate Your Small Wins... They Matter

In January 2021, I decided to get serious about my personal brand.

I was so serious that I started planning posts to release 3x a day on my Instagram profile.

I did this for about a month and a half and decided I wanted to pace myself for the long haul. So, I reduced my posts to once a day. 

It is now April 13th and I have successfully posted positive content to my IG for 103 consecutive days.

I am so proud of myself! 

And today I want to share one very important tip... it’s something I think we all can internalize over time... and it answers the following question...

How did I stay committed?

I celebrated my small wins.

The small wins matter more than you think they do... more than I even thought they did. 

When I first began my personal brand journey, I would plan a few days worth of posts at a time...

Then I would plan a week at a time...

Then I would create content whenever I felt the inspiration to do so and schedule it to release days into the future.

One time, I remember having 3 weeks' worth of posts scheduled and ready for release.. yes over 20 days ready to go.. and yes, it was such a satisfying sight to see... 

And in that moment, I also remember feeling accomplished..

And feeling that I am in fact crushing my goal of staying consistent with posting and showing up in the world of social media to start creating my personal brand. 

I am not saying I wasn't nervous, scared, or worried I was doing it wrong. I'm saying I committed to making a little progress every day.

And I am here to tell you it feels good to know that I stuck to it.

I had a vision for something and I went after it...

In fact, I'm just getting started... 

but I will continue to show myself some love and care along the way by celebrating the small wins of the goals I have set before myself.

Celebrating your small wins is you choosing to celebrate a part of yourself... it is an act of self-care.

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