Behind the Brand Name 27th & Rose

Behind the Brand Name 27th & Rose

27th & Rose is more than a brand name. It is an essence that runs as deep as a mother's love and as wide as the nurturing, thriving, and daring environment she gives her child. The mother we speak of was born on the 27th day of March and her name was Rosemary. She left this Earth in 2001, but left behind a plethora of love, care, belief and encouragement in a kid named Kahdija Imari

Kahdija proceeded to recluse her talents, skills, and aspirations from the world after losing her mother. But in 2020, she decided it was time to switch that narrative.

Our Mission 

We have a simple mission: build self-love through self-care one product at a time. But our tactic sets us apart: be a source of positivity and a reflection of authenticity as you build the most relationship of your life.

How We Started 

27th & Rose was born amid the Coronavirus -19 pandemic that swept the world by storm. In the same way, our owner is no longer withholding from the world her unique creativity, eagerness to learn, and passion to be more courageous, confident, and loving toward herself.

And more than anything she wants to share these moments and truths with you!  


"We could all use a little more self care. Especially if you're like me and find yourself giving, giving, giving and giving a little bit more. Over time I realized I cannot give unless I am first full. So, fill up your own cup! Take care of yourself by doing things you love! Things that bring you joy! I hope you find a little piece if this in my handcrafted bath & beauty essentials at 27th & Rose."

-Kahdija Imari


Be encouraged. Be pampered. Shop 27th & Rose.

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